Lousy OUAT AU sketches ahoy

These are from the same AU as this. Because I wanted to know wtf sort of AU it was. Did you care? DID YOU?!? ‘CAUSE I’M GONNA EXPLAIN ANYWAAAAY!!!

I decided that this was an AU in which all the characters had their… um.. “thing” amped up to 11. Rumple is all about pimping himself out in gold. Red (above… poorly drawn… can’t draw women… they ellude me) has totally embraced her wolfey nature and just wears nothing but dead things, and is something of a cannibal. Ideas for some of the other characters started to get a bit weird tbh and I think my brain jumped ship before I could draw them.

And 2nd is this ver. of Rumples in prison. The guards stole all his gold to sell it… Yes, all his clothes had gold thread woven into it. He had gold beads in his hair so they cut clumps of it out… His nails were covered in a layer of it so they pulled them out… (ouch btw). Thank crap they didn’t skin him too…


Ed: Also I was totally gonna do the comic booky shading over Rumples’ dong when I added colour, which I didn’t, so ha, you get a weird dick outline